business model design

To remain competitive and stand out from the crowd, you as an entrepreneur are constantly looking for ways to improve, expand and renew your business activities. Looking from a business model perspective to your organisation helps with identifying areas for

strategic innovation

Strategy is about making choices. Do we start selling our products on-line? Do we invest in a new machine or factory? Are we expanding our business to other countries? Strategic decisions are based on the answers  of only three questions:

EU projects

Innovation is something you do together but collaboration between multiple organisations is not always easy. New technologies enable new applications, new business models and new markets. Designing and testing these value propositions and business models and creating a shared business

who we are

who we are

BM-Change is a business model design studio who wants to learn all entrepreneurs in this world how to design and deploy successful business models. BM-Change is founded in 2012 by Sander Smit en supports and helps ambitious businesses through strategic...

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"Okapion was clearly hold up a mirror regarding our current and future organisation. Valuable for every organisation."

Eelco de Vaal Creative Director Okapion

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