The Smarter Buildings project is developing a retrofit smart building solution that helps owners of older buildings with saving energy and water. The project is initiated by sensor company VTEC and smart building platform provider Simaxx and combines the Simaxx platform with water sensors and smart water applications developed in the European Research project Waternomics. The solution will be tested in a former police station, which has been transformed in a communal building for businesses in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Reduction of water and energy consumption

The building will be equipped with sub meters for water and energy and sensors that measure variables like presence, temperature and air quality. All data will be send to the Simaxx platform which will store and analyse the data and provides information to the end-user applications.

The expected benefits for building owners and building occupants are:
• Early detection of leakages and other abnormalities in water and energy consumption
• More efficient usage of water and energy without compromising on the level of comfort for building occupants
• Provide better information for decisions on investments in sustainability measures

Photo: Pilot location S-Clusiv at Schootsestraat in Eindhoven

Solution for the European market

BM-Change will support the project partners with the design and validation of the value proposition and business model enabled by the Smarter Buildings technologies. It’s the ambition of the project partners to come up with a retrofit solution that can be deployed by building owners across Europe.

BM-Change supports Smarter Buildings project
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