Testing business models in the DR-BOB project

Demand Response (DR) in blocks of buildings can reduce the need for investment in electricity production & transportation. Blocks of buildings can be hospitals, apartments or business parks, basically anywhere with a concentrated demand for energy. These savings can be passed onto building owners in the form of lower bills and the environmental benefits are shared by all. The European research project DR-BOB, is integrating and testing the technologies and techniques required for demand response in blocks of buildings. One goal of the project is to develop viable business models for the DR-BOB solutions. (meer…)

Improve, expand and renew

According to Drucker, entrepreneurs should only be working on improving, expanding and renewal of their business to remain competitive. The problem is that all three activities take place at the same time and can have conflicting interests. Thinking in business models helps aligning these activities and make sure they all contribute to the same goal, the survival of the organisation.



Ethics in business models

When I started working with business models, one of the first questions that crossed my mind was: Is it possible to predict if a business will be unethical by just analysing its business model? At that time I was reading “No logo” from Naomi Klein and I wondered if the use of sweatshops by multinationals was enforced by their business model or that it only was an implementation choice. (meer…)