Business design in a joint research project – The Waternomics case

In the past three years BM-Change partnered in the Waternomics project. In this EU-funded project, a consortium of three Universities, an Italian airport, a Greece municipality and four SME’s researched how smart water systems could help households and businesses with managing drinking water more efficiently. The goal of BM-Change was to help maximising the economic impact of the project. With the creation of spin-off company iSensit, plans for a joint venture in Southern Europe and collaboration with Simaxx, a Dutch Smart Building platform provider, this mission has been accomplished. (meer…)

BM-Change supports Smarter Buildings project

The Smarter Buildings project is developing a retrofit smart building solution that helps owners of older buildings with saving energy and water. The project is initiated by sensor company VTEC and smart building platform provider Simaxx and combines the Simaxx platform with water sensors and smart water applications developed in the European Research project Waternomics. The solution will be tested in a former police station, which has been transformed in a communal building for businesses in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. (meer…)